Best Ducted Split Air Conditioners (2024 Updated)

Best Ducted Split Air Conditioners of 2024: Breathe Easy, Live Cool

Explore our options and experience the difference of truly controlled comfort!

Ducted Split ACs: Choosing the Right AC System for Your Home in Dubai

Looking for a cooling solution for your entire home?
Choosing between many ducted split AC systems can be confusing. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

Smart Cooling for Modern Homes: Best Ducted Split ACs.

  • Single unit: Installed discreetly on your roof or outside.
  • Cool air sent through ducts: Reaches all rooms with vents.
  • Two or more units: Condenser outside, one or more evaporators inside.
  • Connected by pipes: Cool air delivered to specific areas.
  • Pros: Easier and cheaper to install, ideal for individual room control. Cools large areas evenly, usually quieter.

Choosing the right ducted split ac system is a simple choice of sustainability

Ideal for large homes, centralized cooling, and prioritizing quiet operation. Better for individual room control, smaller homes, and budget-conscious options.

Additional considerations:

  • Energy efficiency: Look for units with high SEER ratings for lower running costs.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and lifespan.
  • Consult a professional: Discuss your specific needs and space with an AC expert for the best recommendation.

Always Choose Ducted Split AC Units with Ozone-friendly refrigerant and or Inverter Compressor Technology, you can also consider the below bactors in mind when choosing the best AC unit.

Key Features

  • Capacity range.
  • ESMA Approved Series
  • New Generation of ACs with Ozone friendly refrigerants R410a and R407c
  • Quiet and Energy efficient hermetic scroll compressors
  • AHRI certified cooling coils
  • Designed for ambient temperatures of up to 52°C
  • Height of Outdoor Units
  • Top and side discharge Outdoor units (choose one that suits your requirements.)

Optional Features

  • High pressure safety cut off with manual reset
  • HP and LP Controls for Higher Capacity Models
  • Metal fan shrouds and coil guards
  • Electronic thermostat (Check the compatibility with Smart Thermostat)
  • Available for different electricity supplies
  • Crank case Heaters for Higher Capacity models

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